Annual License:  $995 list

“They've thought of everything.  It's a real time saver, and very easy and intuitive to use."
Catherina Biber, PhD

“It's a great tool.  This will save us a lot of time.  I wish I had it on my last project.”
James Waring
Senior Thermal Engineer and IcePak User
Intel Corporation

"It's very simple to use, yet powerful"
Glenn Summerfield,
Director of Product Development

Introducing HeatSinkDesigner
Fast, Effective, Affordable
HeatSinkDesigner is a thermal tool that focuses on finding the best cooling solution to fit your space.
Technical advantages
Developed with industry experts and  suppliers
Widely acclaimed
Thermal expertise or training is not required
Can be used stand-alone or as a complement to CFD
Includes heatsink libraries from leading suppliers
The solution time, even when optimizing, is extremely fast
Financial advantages
Cost is only 5% of high-end programs
Pays for itself after a few uses
Trial is free. Download here
Guaranteed: Return for a full refund any time
Heat Sink Designer addresses three challenges
engineers face with component cooling:
Heat sinks will not perform as published unless your application is identical to the manufacturer's wind tunnel test.

Heat Sink Designer accurately predicts performance unique to the application, including:
Air bypass losses in your enclosure
Spreading losses with your heat source
Pressure effects on your fan performance
Thermal loss with your interface material

It requires high-end tools and expertise to design a custom heat sink optimized for your application.

Heat Sink Designer has a powerful optimizer with a simple user interface.  It will:
Iterate thousands of designs in seconds.  
Present the results in order of performance in your application
Allow you to sort the results by other metrics
Create a drawing of each design ready for quoting

It's nearly impossible to find the best fit among thousands of heat sinks from dozens of suppliers.

Heat Sink Designer has a powerful Catalog Search feature and has partnered with leading heat sink manufacturers to develop comprehensive catalogs.  Catalog Search will:
Search thousands of products to find sinks that fit your space
Present the results in order of performance in your application
Allow you to sort the results by other metrics

If at any time, for any reason, you are not satisfied, you will receive a complete refund.  We may ask you why, but only so we can improve our product and support.

Full Support
A full license includes full support.  This includes thermal advice as well as software support.  Contact us.  

Heat Sink Designer is a product of Mechanical Solutions, a industry respected thermal consulting firm since 1991.